When Herbert W. Armstrong expired, Dr. Herman Hoeh declared that the seventh candlestick were lit. Meaning Laodicea formally started instantly.

Almost four years after, Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Nowadays began to sound the alarm: some thing wasn’t kosher in the Church of God! It exposed a corrupt ministry intent on ruining the foundational philosophies of the Worldwide Church of God, and urged the brethren to hold on for dear life to what God had offered us through His end-time Elijah. We were motivated to get a hold, while others were losing it (Revelation 3:11).

Those who were of God observed what the Spirit said to the Churches through Malachi’s Concept. Those who were not of God quickly lost it (God’s truth) and slipped farther and further into darkness. That darkness was disguised as a “new light of comprehension” (2 Corinthians 11:14). The true members of the universal life church headquarters of God reacted to His call and came out of that decadent organization. Those who remained behind became the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

They were no longer God’s Church! You can’t reject God’s truth for demonic doctrines without becoming a part of “Enigma Babylon” (1 Corinthians 10:21; 2 Corinthians 6:1-4-18). All this has been quite revealing (I Corinthians 11:19).

Knowing the Truth

God knows the end from the beginning (Acts 15:18). He prophesied a great falling away that would leave few standing. The BIG ONE has strike and shaken the universal life church of God to its heart! But is not it possible to understand the truth without understanding the Truth (2 Timothy 3:7).

God’s calling us to a deeper love and conversion (I John 3:18). Isn’t God’s truth a means to an end? Didn’t Herbert W. Armstrong worry some simply “DO NOT GET IT?” That overly many were just converted to our doctrines? The philosophies are meant to help bring us nearer to God by having a better comprehension of His Will, but merely a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will save us! We need Christ’s instructions, but we want God the Father and Jesus Christ even more! Just they can create us and secure our salvation (2 Thessalonians 2:13-17). You can have all the understanding in the world and still fall short (I Corinthians 13:2).

Recall Solomon? Just because you understand God’s reality, doesn’t mean you understand Him! (Job 42:5; I John 2:4) You Are not going to be judged by how much you know, but by HOW MUCH YOU GROW! By how much you implement what you understand, becoming more Christ like, more Godly, more representative of the Kingdom of God, here and now (James 1:22; John 13:35). A strategy can not conserve you and rite is no replacement for a relationship! (2 Timothy 3:5).

Malachi’s Message Still Uses!

Whereas the Worldwide Church of God was physically affluent, aren’t we in danger of feeling spiritually rich and self-complacent (Amos 6:1)? Ancient Israel had God’s vacation; didn’t eat pork, etc. But it didn’t keep them from going into captivity! (Amos 5:21). It was not enough! Globally does not feel sufficient, they feel so impoverished they go to Babylon for help! We’re the ones who feel safe and protected! Who said we can let our guard down? We’re commanded to STAY ON HIGH ALERT until Christ comes! (Luke 21:34) Yet some are failing to continue to use Malachi’s Concept (Romans 2:17-21). God’s refining procedure isn’t over! (Daniel 12:10; Isaiah 48:10) Going Here.

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